Children’s Full Health MOT

I have been helping children heal with Homeopathy for 17 years & I will use all my skills to help your child heal as swiftly as possible using Homeopathic medicine, Kinesiology including testing for Food Intolerances, Nutrition Deficiencies, Gut Health, Hormone Balancing & The Emotion Code to clear trapped emotions.

My Children’s Full Health MOT is a comprehensive 1.5 hour long appointment which incorporates Homeopathic Medicine, Kinesiology, Nutrition and The Emotion Code all into a single comprehensive appointment for children Aged 0-17.

During my 18 years of running a busy Homeopathy practice, I have found this combination of therapies within my Full Health MOT to be the most powerful and thorough way to help children heal as swiftly as possible.

So often patients come to see me at a loss as to ‘why’ they are feeling unwell or experiencing symptoms – this is where gentle Kinesiology testing is so brilliant – it will help us understand during your appointment exactly what’s out of balance & what the body needs to restore that balance.

By the end of your Child’s appointment we will have completed a full Homeopathy consultation, full Kinesiology testing of your body to identify exactly which systems are out of balance & what they need – this includes nutrition testing, food intolerances, hormone imbalances, gut health issues, emotional blockages, homeopathic medicine & more! It’s awesome!

I have many years experience treating babies, children & teenagers and I will always adapt the appointment to suit them – younger children are often happiest playing with my toy box whilst parents answer most of the early questions – often children will chip-in once they gain confidence & I’m asking about favourite foods & hobbies – how your child responds in that appointment is just as crucial as the symptoms they are visiting me for as their nature is just as important to choose the best homeopathic medicine to heal their symptoms – so whatever comes naturally is absolutely fine.

Some children are comfortable laying on my therapy bed & allowing me to use gentle Kinesiology to test them whilst Mum or Dad watches – others can’t lay still for long enough, or prefer Mum or Dad to stand-in for them – I will adapt as required during the appointment.

For teenagers – some prefer parents to come with them, some find it easier to open up talking to me in private – whatever suits your child is best.

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How quickly will I see results?

Healing is a gradual process, but within that first week, I expect to see your child’s symptoms begin to improve, plus their energy, motivation & wellbeing increase. As the weeks go by, your child should continue cumulatively healing until their symptoms have cleared, and their health is balanced again. For chronic illness, this can take longer of course, but the method is still the same. For the majority of patients, healing will require more than a single session. I offer shorter 1 hour follow-up sessions to support your child’s healing as needed – these can also be booked at 25% discount using my Discount Plan which is popular for both individuals & families.

Step 1 – Homeopathy

We start the appointment with a Homeopathy consultation to identify which natural homeopathic medicine is capable of restoring your energy, motivation, wellbeing and health. This is a powerful but gentle natural medicine which is safe & effective for everyone. Homeopathy is my No.1 favourite therapy to help you – it’s a game changer for your whole life & I will teach you how to use it to help your health & wellbeing long-term.

For more information, see my Homeopathy page.

Step 2 – Kinesiology, Nutrition & Food Intolerance Testing

Kinesiology is a hands-on therapy, so a full Kinesiology balance has to be modified for Zoom sessions, however, we can still test for food intolerances, nutrition & more even via Zoom!

We continue the appointment with a full Kinesiology balance – this is a hands-on therapy using gentle muscle testing, we can identify which systems of the body are out of balance & exactly what they need to restore that balance.

We will check every circuit of the body including digestive health, hormones, lungs, skin etc – we will identify if your child has a nutritional requirement to restore health, if food intolerances are affecting them & most importantly, what the body needs to heal this. We can also test any existing nutritional supplements they are taking to check if they are helping/needed.

We will also clear any blocks to energy flow along their meridians, I may stimulate lymph flow to clear congestion, gently holding points on their head mostly to stimulate circulatory flow & holding acupressure points on their feet & hands to balance energy flowing around the affected system. Some children are very sensitive and ticklish, so I adapt this work to ensure they are always comfortable.

For more information, see my Kinesiology page.

Step 3 – Balancing your Child’s Emotions

Often children’s physical health or behaviour can be linked to emotions they have experienced (or inherited from other generations) which have become stuck in their body/energy field. This is common for all Adults & Children and I use a few different methods to help clear any emotions which are negatively affecting your child’s health, or any challenging behaviour issues.

Homeopathic Remedies:

Firstly, the main constitutional Homeopathic medicine which I prescribe for your child is a powerful way to restore balance to their emotional state, well-being and behaviour. Often we will find children stop feeling anxious, frightened, angry (& much more) and their behaviour balances in response to the correct Homeopathic medicine to restore their wellbeing.

Bach Flower Remedies:

Secondly, Bach Flower Remedies can be a wonderful support to children’s emotional state – particularly good when they are worrying about exams or a sporting/theatre event, and much more.

You will be amazed how powerful these natural flower remedies are – they can be life changing for our emotions, helping you cope so much better & shifting your perspective into balance again.

The Emotion Code:

I also use an amazing therapy known as The Emotion Code combined with Kinesiology muscle testing to identify which emotions are ‘trapped’ and affecting your child and what age this emotional state first became stuck.

For example, it is not uncommon to find experiences from all sorts of live events can become stuck and affect our children – e.g. we may find your child has a trapped emotion of ‘low self esteem’ from starting school, or a trapped emotion of ‘shock’ from birth – these trapped emotions can still have an effect on their life & health today.

Clearing these trapped emotion can often be fascinating as we identify which emotions are relevant – however, please know that I will use my discretion over which emotions to mention during the appointment – you will have a list of the emotions I cleared (& the age each emotion became stuck in your child), so you can reflect on these later if you wish to. It can be really interesting to learn what has been affecting them.

For more information, see my Emotion Code page to learn more about this amazing energy healing therapy.

Where do I buy my Homeopathic Medicines, Nutrition & Bach Flower Remedies?

Homeopathic Remedies:

If you are based in the UK, your Homeopathic medicine is included in the price of your Health MOT & I will give this to you during your consultation, or I will post to UK residents who chose the Zoom option.

For those outside the UK, I will advise you on which Homeopathic medicine & potency to buy from a local Homeopathic pharmacy – I have many patients around the world & this is usually very straightforward to buy your remedy locally – they are not expensive.

I also own a Sulis remedy machine which can digitally transmit homeopathic medicine (the energetic frequency of each remedy) to patients all over the world – this is a great option during consultations to begin your healing whilst you are waiting for your physical remedy to arrive, and also during emergency illness when you need urgent support whilst waiting for medicines to arrive.

Nutritional Supplements:

Once we have identified which nutritional supplements you need, I will write you a list of what your body needs to thrive & where you can buy these directly. You may already have your own preferred nutritional brand, which is fine as long as they definitely work – I know from Kinesiology testing that the brands I recommend will actually work for you – not all nutrition brands are effective!

Bach Flower Remedies:

If we have identified your child would benefit from any Bach Flower Remedies, I will make recommendations of where to buy these directly. They are not expensive (approximately £6 – 7 each).

What will I have learned by the end of this Health MOT session?

By the end of this session, you will have a clear understanding of which Homeopathic medicine is capable of restoring your child’s health & wellbeing and how to take this (with email support from me as needed, within the first week).

We will have corrected any imbalance in the systems of your child’s body using Kinesiology.

You will have a clear understanding of which nutritional supplements your child needs to thrive & where to buy these (we can also test any nutritional supplements they are already taking, to ensure they are helping/needed!).

If food intolerances were affecting your, you will understand why and which foods are to be avoided for now & which nutrition is required to restore gut balance, so that hopefully your child can tolerate this food in moderation in due course once their gut has healed.

You will know which Bach Flower Remedies are needed to help your child feel stronger dealing with the current life situation – HOWEVER, once we have used The Emotion Code, we often eliminate the need for any Bach Flower Remedies, as we have removed the emotions at the root so healing can now begin!

You will also know (if you want to) which life experiences had caused emotions which were still affecting your child but have now been cleared to help them move forwards in life.


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