25% Discount Plans

My Discount Plans have become super-popular over the past year and many families choose this option to enable them to redeem appointments as needed throughout the year, and benefit from great savings!

Both plans are available to pay in 0% monthly instalments, or buy in-full. Whichever option suits you best.

Plans can be redeemed for the following appointments:

Homeopathy & Kinesiology Food Intolerance Testing(Please note: Adult FIRST Appointments are excluded).
Emotion Code Energy Healing(Clearing trapped emotions from your current life experiences, past lives and inherited from your family line).
Akashic Records Readings(Intuitive Readings offering guidance and healing to help you move forwards on your life path).
What’s Included?Discount Plan
(4 appointments)
Plan (8 appointments)
(Saving £60)
(Saving £120)
Number of Appointments Included48
Can I buy in a single payment?Yes – £180Yes – £360
Can I pay in 12 x monthly instalments?Yes – £15 pmYes – £30 pm
Set-up Fee£0£0
Interest Fee (Instalments)0%0%
Term of Plan (Appointments expire after 12m)12 months12 months
NEW! Can I share my discounted appointments with friends & family too?YesYes