I offer 25% Discount Plans + 0% pay monthly options for all 1-hour follow-up appointments & a Pay-in-3 option for the Adult Full Health MOT. See details below.

25% Discount Health Plan – TAP HERE FOR DETAILS

My 25% discount plan has become super-popular over the past few years & many of my patients – individuals & families – choose this option to enable them to book appointments as needed throughout the year, benefit from 25% savings & spread the cost!

Key points…

– The plan is a bundle of 4 appointments at 25% discount AND there is a 0% pay monthly option too.

– You can get started and book your first 1-hour appointment as soon as you have signed up.

– There are no set-up charges.

– The pay monthly option is 0% with no charges, however, you must complete all 12 monthly payments, or settle the remaining balance in full if you wish to cancel your plan before the end of the 12 months.

– Discount Plans (the pay-in-full or the pay monthly) are not refundable once purchased.

– Your 4 discounted appointments can be shared with others too. Your coupon code is unique to you, so if you share the code, these will be deducted from the 4 appointments you have bought.

– This plan does not automatically renew or roll-over, but you can set-up additional plans if you use all your discounted appointments (easily done when sharing with your family).

– Once all 4 appointments have been redeemed, you can take out another plan anytime you wish to book more discounted appointments.

– Valid for Adult & Child 1-hour Follow-up Appointments.

Not valid for new 1.5 hour FAMILY Follow-up Appointments.

Not valid for the Full Health MOT appointments.

What’s Included?25% Discount Plans
Discount25% (Saving £100)
Number of Appointments Included4
Can I buy as a ‘bundle’ in a single payment?Yes – £300
Can I pay in 12 x monthly instalments?Yes – £25 per month
Set-up Fee£0
Interest Fee (Instalments)0%
Term of Plan (Appointments expire after 12m)12 months
Can I share my plan appointments with my family?Yes
Valid for the Full Health MOT?No
Valid for 1-hour Adult or Child Follow-up Appointments?Yes
Valid for new 1.5 hour FAMILY Follow-up Appointments?No

The Pay-in-3 plan has been created to help you spread the cost of purchasing the 2-hour Adult Full Health MOT across 3 monthly payments:

The first payment of £90 is taken upon purchase, then £90.00 per month for a total of 3 payments (£270.00 total)

Please note: The Pay-in-3 option will cost you £20 more spread across the 3 payments, compared to buying the Adult Full Health MOT in a single payment at £250.

For full details see Terms & Conditions


Choose from the options below. Upon signing up, you will receive an email with a Coupon Code which you can use to ‘pay’ for your appointments when you book them.