It's always amazing to receive a new testimonial & those included below have been kindly written by patients & clients I have worked with.

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The testimonials included below represent the personal opinions of those patients’ experiences, and must not be considered as evidence of effectiveness.

There is currently a great deal of controversy and debate surrounding the efficacy of Homeopathy. Although many scientific trials have been completed with positive results, the scientific community requires evidence from much larger-scale trials before Homeopaths are permitted to claim to help with any specific conditions. 

Children’s Homeopathy Testimonials

Adult Homeopathy Testimonials

Chronic Pain, Depression & Anxiety

I love Homeopathy because I was living with chronic pain and mental disorders and I was getting nowhere with my GP, just more tablets and no answers.

Homeopathy gave me the answers and in a quick space of time, I became healthy and happy again. I no longer suffer with chronic pain, no longer have depression and anxiety. I no longer take any medication from the doctor, just my homeopathic remedies. My gut is healed and I feel like me again,

Kate, Basingstoke

Fertility, Thyroid & Gut Issues

I am so grateful to have found homeopathy as it has not only resolved my gut issues which in turn has helped my fertility journey, but it has also helped my thyroid which I would have otherwise had to have been on medication for the rest of my life.

I will continue to use homeopathy going forward and it’s so nice knowing you have other options than just what the doctor prescribes. 

Issy, Bordon

Digestive Pain, Leaky Gut, Menopause & Anxiety

My homeopathic treatment has been fantastic for a number of things. Firstly,  terrible stomach pains. The remedies healed my leaky gut. Secondly, menopause symptoms. The remedies have seriously reduced my flushes and the feeling of self doubt and anxiety have gone.

Emma, Reading

Prostate & Urinary Issues

I found Homeopathy helpful following a prostate operation and to help frequent urination issues. I find my body responds well to homeopathy together with a good diet and regular exercise.

Christopher, Basingstoke

Menopause, Grief, Fear, Flu, Covid & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Homeopathy never ceases to amaze me! I’ve had a dreadful few years and Homeopathy has supported me through, menopause, grief, fear, flu, covid and CFS.

Just a few little white pills! The secret of course is having the little white pills skilfully selected by an awesome Homeopath!

Susie, Scotland

Bursitis, IBS, Tiredness & Stress

I previously had various issues that prescribed medication was unable to resolve but going to Homeopathy has been a life changer as the natural remedies have helped with my digestion and inflammation.

I’ve become a Homeopathy devotee as nature provides us with all that we need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and our bodies are able to cope with natural remedies rather than synthetic chemicals.  I have spread the news to friends who now also enjoy the benefits that Homeopathy brings.

Linda, Basingstoke

Severe hormonal imbalance, fatigue & acne

I love that Homeopathy gets to the root cause of the illness/symptoms rather than just covering them up. I love that plants and natural medicine has the power to completely transform your emotions, body and mind.

I was so miserable and I didn’t know what else I could do. I had been to the doctors and they told me to take antidepressants for my ‘low mood’ (which was the symptom of the hormone imbalance). I was then introduced to homeopathy by my friend and came to see Claire…

Finally I had some hope! Within 20 minutes of taking my remedy I felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I continued to work with Claire for the next year and a half/ 2 years and now, 3 years on I am balanced, acne free, my gut health is better than ever and my hormones balanced.

I owe a lot to Homeopathy and what it has done for me, it truly changed my life and I don’t know where I would be today without it. If it wasn’t for Homeopathy I wouldn’t have been able to start a second business and really take the reins of my own life. 

Kayla, Basingstoke

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Sinus Inflammation & Arthritis

I found the experience enlightening extremely positive and relaxing, the results have been amazing, I feel so much better in myself both mentally and physically.

Martin, Basingstoke

Thyroid & Emotional Issues

I got involved with Homeopathy as I was looking for an alternative way for treating a serious Thyroid problem. The doctors wanted to ‘nuke’ my thyroid but through Homeopathy, normal service was resumed – not something the doctor’s thought possible!

This lead to a journey in understanding that there was a way of treating both physical and emotional issues that most people thought was my personality. I knew there was something that was affecting my balance.

Through being able to talk openly without judgement or baggage and end up with a medicine that dealt with the underlying issues was amazing.

Dave, Hampshire

Digestive, Stress, Emotional Balance

I love Homeopathy because it’s SO powerful and the effect are almost instantaneous! Getting the right homeopathic medicine is an absolute game-changer and a total godsend.

It’s a crucial piece of the wellness puzzle and one that makes a huge difference to all sorts of things – not least a sense of emotional balance, ease and stability which is not always there without homeopathic support. It feels like magic!

Emma, London

Excessive menstrual bleeding

My Homeopath is why I still have my womb – it wasn’t the Doctor’s fault she thought it was an option, to take my womb – her training said that’s what should happen!

CP, Camberley

Skin, Hormones, Stress & Anxiety

Homeopathy has helped me with skin issues, hormonal issues, stress, anxiety and everyday pressures and strains. It’s my go to for first aid too – for me, my family and my pets.

RF, Northumberland

Acne, Menstrual pain & Mood Swings

Originally seeking Homeopathy for physical symptoms, I didn’t realise the effect it would also have on my emotional wellbeing. I truly believe Homeopathy has changed the course of my life. When I take the right remedy, everything feels balanced and life is so much easier.

BR, Winchester

Skin, Digestive & Emotional Issues

Homeopathy listens to your body and helps the body heal from the inside with natural medicine. It is beneficial to everyone and can help with so many ailments.

My whole family have used Homeopathy for skin, digestive and emotional issues and we see the benefit within hours!

AC, Frimley

Hot flushes, Low Mood & Low Energy

Within 20 minutes (after a Homeopathic remedy), mentally I was improving, less than an hour I was feeling great! 

Please don’t tell me it’s about belief! 

CP, Camberley

Digestive & Wellbeing

You have helped all I have sent your way. Miracles have taken place! Small pill with a big action. Both the big health issues and the small niggles. The mental and the physical.  AMAZING

Serena, Basingstoke

Digestive & Emotional imbalances

I was introduced to homeopathy many years ago by a friend when we lived in Scotland as one of my sons was suffering with colic as a baby. Because of this,  I also attended a talk given by a doctor from the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital and from that, I became very interested and learned that my friend had a wheat intolerance.  I was introduced to a homeopath in Glasgow.  He continued to treat me for many years even after we moved to England.  

A couple of years ago, I wanted to find a homeopath and again, a friend recommended and introduced me to Claire.   Life can be very stressful at times and homeopathic remedies really help me.  

I recommended Claire to a few friends who have had digestive problems and headaches and who have also also benefitted from homeopathic remedies.  I know many people do not believe in it but I would always recommend giving it a try.  

Elizabeth, Tadley

Hay Fever

Thank you for treating my hay fever, I have noticed a significant improvement and all symptoms have pretty much gone which is a great relief!

KL, Basingstoke

Pre-cancerous cells & more

Hi Claire, I just wanted to say how happy I am. You are amazing and made me all better when I had some serious health concerns. Whenever I have a niggle or just don’t feel right I know that by seeing you, you make me feel healthy and happy again . 

In my line of work I see people who are suffering from various ailments. I always sing your praises and send them in your direction, knowing that you will help them out and make them feel so much better . 

Recently I saw two of my clients and was blown away with the changes I saw. They looked amazing and were looking so radiant and healthy. It was a joy to see the effects homeopathy can have on people. They were really happy with all the help and advice you gave them, so thank you for all the help and support you give to me and all the clients you help. I really hope more people will learn how amazing homeopathy is and how it can improve their lives so much.

Denise, Basingstoke


Hi Claire, I keep meaning to email you just to say thanks for a great session, I really enjoyed it. 

And the remedy you gave has hit the spot, I immediately felt like I could breathe again, proper deep breaths, I hadn’t realised that I was not doing so, and had more energy consequently. A great lifting in the head if that makes sense. 

Karen, Basingstoke

Grief & Low Energy

Hi Claire,
So happy with our session this week, thank you. The remedy was brilliant and I noticed a change immediately.

Supplements and flower remedies have arrived and I’m starting everything tomorrow. 

Carole, Cornwall

Self doubt & loathing

I’m feeling better, more positive with more energy.  My self doubt and loathing has diminished and I’m looking forward with more concrete plans.

DH, Devon

Anxiety, Sleep Difficulties & Mood Swings

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for helping me with my healing journey so far. I had no idea homeopathy, within a month, could solve problems that orthodox medicine hasn’t been able to for years! My ulcers, bloating, anxiety, bad sleep, lack of motivation and mood swings have all practically disappeared. I finally feel like me again! 

EC, Odiham

Headaches, Hormones & Digestive Imbalance

I’ve been going to Claire for a few years now. I first went to see Claire for my continuous headaches & she gave me the right remedy to help keep them at bay.

Then I went to see Claire after I had an ectopic pregnancy to try help my body & hormones balance out as I was desperate to have two children – (I have my two babies 🙂 )

More recently I went to see Claire for a Full Health MOT and experienced kinesiology for the first time. Totally blown away by it all & gained so much knowledge as to what my body is needing. So far I’m feeling so great and cannot wait for my health journey to continue.

Thank you Claire for making me feel so comfortable, listening to all my symptoms & concerns. Honestly the best service and going to look at bringing my children to see you soon too.

Carmen, Woking

Anxiety, Frustration & Raging Anger

I looked to Claire for help when years of anxiety, frustration, anger and a fear of being sick reached epic proportions as fear of the Coronavirus pandemic also gripped me.

I was forever anxious, tearful and engulfed in the most destructive rages. I had lost interest in everyday things, procrastinated all the time and couldn’t even motivate myself to read. When dark blood blisters (at one time there were ten of them!) started popping out on my blue fingers I knew I had to try something.

Claire quickly identified my homeopathic remedy and it started improving me straight away. She also cleared out trapped emotions, many of which turned out to be frustrations in my own background and that of family members. 

Six weeks on and I’m pretty much feeling like my old self. There have been a couple of bumps in the road along the way but I’m feeling positive, my anxiety and anger are in check, my fingers are pink and the blood blisters have gone. I’m reading again and have even started an online course!

With the support of my remedy I’m feeling calmer and more optimistic. Although I still have worries at times I genuinely feel so much better and that I’m moving in the right direction. And I know that Claire will be there for me if I hit that odd bump in the road again. Thank you so much.

Karen, Old Basing


I wanted to write to express my experience with Homeopathy and how fast it healed my symptoms. I had been struggling with very itchy sore eyes and after 18 months of Doctors appointments and Ophthalmic appointments they diagnosed me having Blepharitis, for which I was told there was no cure.

I was prescribed ointments and drops to use morning and night but the symptoms only got worse. At my last attempt, another doctor told me he knew what it was and what he prescribed me would solve my symptoms. After 1 week there was no change & infact my eyes had got worse.

I broke down with my very dear friend and told her how depressed I was and I didn’t want to wake up in the morning and face another day with my eye symptoms. The next day my friend dropped me some Homeopathy tablets through my door and said to take one straight away which I did. The next morning my eyes had improved the redness had gone down and the itching wasn’t so intense & after 2 weeks my symptoms had got better but still scratchy.

My friend gave me Claire’s details & my eye Symptoms disappeared after the first tablet she prescribed. By the third week, I was back on track to feeling like myself, my energy had increased and my positive attitude had been noticed by people around me.

I can’t thank my friend and Claire enough for introducing me to Homeopathy. It really did save me. I would recommend Claire and Homeopathy as an alternative to traditional medicine.

SS, Reading

Anxiety, Headaches & Past Trauma

I felt apprehensive before seeing Claire but can honestly say I have never felt so good in myself.

Before seeing Claire I was struggling with anxiety, headaches and tiredness and past trauma issues. I now feel numb to my past and have had no anxiety, headaches or tiredness since. I would highly recommend Claire to anyone and I can’t thank her enough.

MO, Basingstoke

Arthritis & Lower Back Pain

Before I attended my first session with Claire I was suffering from wrist & fingers arthritis and lower back lumbago.

This involved stiffness & pain on attempting to use my hand, and a great strain when walking, which made life extremely difficult.  Constant tiredness resulted in everything taking more time.  This had a domino effect in that I was continuously trying to catch up on a daily basis and not succeeding. I was too busy attempting to cope with this fatiguing life to think of seeking help.

Personally, I feel that the onset of these symptoms was stress related as I had been trying to balance work, family life, social life & close relationships for some time.  I felt as if I was a juggler continuously throwing balls into the air, catching some, and having to retrieve half of them from the floor.

Casually I mentioned my predicament to a friend who recommended Claire.  Since approximately a week after the first session I began to feel more energized, and the stiffness & pain gradually lessened.  My lifestyle hasn’t altered, but my ability to cope with it has changed & enhanced my whole life, and this is due to Claire’s expertise in diagnosis and treatment.

I would thoroughly recommend Claire.

LW, Southampton

Digestive Symptoms

I have been meaning to get in touch since the beginning of this year – only really to say how daily life has changed and improved for me since my visits to you which began about a year ago. I now have no problems with my stomach/digestive system and after nearly 6 years of feeling the symptoms almost every time I ate or drank and certainly being aware of acid reflux on a nightly basis, it is a real blessing. Just as you thought, the pills you provided gave my body chance to recover over the months and I would now assess my recovery as being 100% for someone of my age. I put this down to your time and thoroughness in diagnosis and for that I am most grateful. I would have no hesitation to recommend you to anyone and wish you well for the future. Thank you again

MH, Overton

Chronic Pelvic Pain & Positive Life Changes

I began holistic treatment with Claire for chronic pelvic pain, but I did not expect her treatment to do so much more.
Within 24 hours of taking the Homeopathic remedy she prescribed, I felt energetic and motivated. My pain had reduced to a manageable level for the first time in 6 months. Whilst I am healing, my remedy is taken weekly and each time I feel the same burst of energy.
Since my treatment with Claire began, I have not needed to take any prescription medication for pain and feel like I am 10 years younger! The whole experience has motivated me to make some very positive life changes. Thank you Claire.

ES, South Warnborough


I suffered from Rhinitis for many years due to allergies and badly treated sinus problems as a child. This means I was very swollen at the very back of my nose and throat. It was very obstructive especially at night, I was very prone to colds and coughs. I was also snoring which would wake ME! All the remedies I was given or I bought gave temporary relief or failed.

I then decided in desperation to try an actual visit to a Homeopath. Within a week my nose just seemed to clear and even no more snoring! The difference is truly amazing, just a shame I hadn’t tried to understand this treatment sooner!

CW, Fleet

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and normally around October time I can become tired, lacking energy and moody. I’ve tried a couple of things such as a light box and regular exercise and these have helped but I wouldn’t say they have been a ‘cure’.

Once I’d seen Claire she gave me a remedy that soon kicked in; my energy levels increased, my anxieties disappeared and my sleep improved.

I’ve always known about Homeopathy but never quite joined the dots up to think that it could help me or my family. I cannot recommend Homeopathy or Claire French enough!

TI, Woking

Hormonal Imbalance, Irritability, Low Energy

Claire has sorted out my hormonal issues, which many of us in our 40s suffering from! The GP couldn’t provide any help, other than waiting for the menopause. As a result of the Homeopathic remedy, I am much more balanced, less grumpy and I have much more energy. 

The remedy she gave me also unearthed some old buried memories and emotions that I’d not dealt with from 20+ years ago. In revisiting and dealing with these it has cleared some blockage allowing me to heal, even though I wasn’t aware I needed to.

She has also seen both my children. Since taking their remedies, they no longer need to take daily hay fever medicine and are much happier and mostly less up and down in their moods.

Claire is a very kind homeopath with empathy and understanding. I’m really glad we’ve been to see her, and I highly recommend making an appointment.

Nicky, Fleet

Pregnancy Symptoms

Thanks to Ella for allowing me share her experience with Homeopathy to help others…At 7 weeks pregnant Ella was constantly nauseous, exhausted, struggling to sleep, and had severe tooth pain.

Within 24 hours of taking the homeopathic remedy she said “I actually had a full nights sleep for the first time in a long time! I woke up this morning with no tooth pain at all & actually managed to eat some breakfast! I also haven’t felt nauseous which is amazing!”

Ella (at Week 15 of her pregnancy) says “Also just wanted to add the remedy has been working really well for me. I take it once a week and have next to no symptoms at all. My mood has also really levelled out and been amazing.”

Ella, Hampshire


I went to Claire as was suffering from the most debilitating stomach, shoulder, back, hip and leg pain mainly down the right hand side of my body. My GP had diagnosed this as “Bursitis” and had told me the only way to deal with it was with Cortizone (steroids) jabs and it might go away in it’s own time.  Some days I could barely walk and I really did not want to go down this route.  Plus I was also incredibly low spirited and just couldn’t lift myself out of the gloom.  I was also suffering from awful hot flushes which would be worse at night – as was just approaching 50. All these things would be increased with my monthly cycle!  I googled Claire and went and visited her.  Once I had started taking the remedy my mood lifted within 24hours and my muscular pains abated and continued to calm down and disappear after about 3/4 months of taking the remedy.  I now only take it when any aches and pains start to appear or if my mood changes towards the gloom again, which can be due to my monthly cycle and going through the change, or if I’m finding life a little challenging and I find it re-balances me perfectly.

Claire’s approach was non-judgemental, matter of fact, sympathetic and understanding.  She assessed my situation swiftly and I can’t thank her enough or recommend her highly enough as it totally changed my ability to cope with life from both a mental and physical aspect.  If in doubt call her up and visit her, you won’t regret it!

I’m off next week to do a 4k swim in Turkey … I NEVER thought I’d get on and do this when I first met Claire!!!

DW, Henley


I have been somewhat preoccupied over the last two weeks, since my ‘treatment’ ended with preparations for my house move which finally happens tomorrow. To think that I am now in a position where I have gone through the stress of selling and buying a house when only seven months ago I was in a position of complete despair is, quite frankly, unbelievable.

As you know, I had undergone all types of treatment that ‘conventional’ medicine could offer – both NHS and ‘private’ – Counselling, CBT, and many different types of anti-depressant medications, but after 10 years of treatment I was still in a very dark place following the sudden death of my wife 10 years ago, and numerous set backs that normal life conspires to throw at us.

In short, seven months ago I could hardly see seven days ahead – all was doom, gloom and sadness – there was no future – my life was embedded in the past and sadness. Fortunately a friend had been treated by you in the past and suggested I contact you – a good friend indeed!

I am now, following your treatment and help – which has always been prompt and caring – getting back towards the man I was all those years ago – a man I had almost forgotten about and looking forward excitedly to a new start – which, without your help, I cannot possibly conceive, would never have happened. Perhaps that says it all anyway! Thank you with all my heart.

BS, Basingstoke

Chronic Complex Pain

When homeopathy was first mentioned my attitude was, it’s a complete load of cods wallop, and I was somewhat antagonistic of it. Then my daughter began to praise the results it was achieving for her and her family, and my position softened, just a little. She became such a protagonist that she gave me starter session as a gift for Christmas 2014. Eventually I agreed to go as the cost of the voucher was too high to just bin it. I had no faith in this ‘mumbo jumbo’ but recognised the need to give an honest representation of my ails and issues, so as to allow the ‘witch doctor’ to do ‘her thing’.

Many of my issues were very old and well embedded, unbelievably complex, and severe. The prescription delivered by classical medicine was extremely high strength, included opiates and anti-psychotic drugs, moderated to reduce side effects and comatosing to a minimum. Balance on a knife edge?

That 1st session seemed to take forever, that and the next session totalled approximately 1 hr 45 mins. Her response was – ‘she needed to think about it’. (Was she out of her depth?), was I wasting my time! I was then told that a ‘classical’ indication was not appearing naturally (here we go….?) but from an inspirational thought (what???) she suggested – wait for it – Black Mamba snake venom. I’ve seen a lot of cowboy films with the ubiquitous snake oil seller in his ‘covered wagon’. I tittered quietly to myself! So, I went home and sucked on this tiny ball of sugar. The next day everything changed for the better. Converted, YES. Convinced, certainly. I’ve had the best two years of my last twenty five years of hell!!

Five years prior to 2014 I began a quest to understand what was wrong with me and to fix what I could. I started first with the doctors and physical medicine. Then I received counselling for my mental health and wellbeing. I developed the notion that my body was just a vehicle (albeit a broken down model T Ford and no spare parts!), my essence-of-self used my brain as accommodation and, more importantly, I could live in parallel to these things rather than be subordinate to them. Mentally I felt I was in a much stronger place than before, but my life was made miserable by the chronic pain, and the many side effects, I had to endure. Lastly I engaged in a search for alternative remedies to the remaining issues.

I found acupuncture can be very helpful, but depends greatly on the practitioner, and it’s effectiveness fades over time. The anticipated annual cost of private treatment makes this solution expensive. I chose acupuncture first because I understood it, it has been in use for thousands of years and is commonly used in China today. Tai Chi and Meditation was also very helpful, and at little or no cost. How on earth do you explain homeopathy!? And I have to for my own sake!

I’m an engineer, and had so far been able to use that knowledge to understand many of the complex issues surrounding my ails and remedies. Medical professionals were referring to me as ‘an expert patient’. Homeopathic potions are dilutions at and beyond the molecular level. So, it has to be acknowledged that there is little or no chemical content to the product. AND YET IT WORKS!

Because my medication versus my issues is very elevated and animated the homeopathic ‘remedy’ has to be regularly topped up. I can feel the effects fade and feel euphoric when they are replenished (replication of ailment and replication of treatment). It’s definitely not a placebo effect.

DW, Fleet

Hormonal Mood Swings, Head/Neck Pain, Absent Periods

I came off of the contraceptive pill back in September 2019 and almost instantaneously started getting severely bad neck ache and headaches. They were both relentless, and were massively starting to effect my personal and work life.

December came round and I had still not had a period since coming off the pill, a couple of trips to the doctors did absolutely nothing. In January 2020 I finally got a period and thought everything was going to go back to normal! However, it didn’t! All my symptoms seemed to be slowly getting even worse but this time with acne as well…more severe headaches and neck aches on top of emotional mood swings and a lot of tears!

By May I had just about given up hope when I decided to listen to my mum and dad (finally) and go and see Claire! Why I didn’t listen to them and go sooner I will never know. My headache and neck ache was the first thing to go, the periods took slightly longer to come back, but after a couple of adjustments of remedy and listening to my body my periods have now been back for 3 months like clockwork! My skin is slowly clearing up again too.

Claire is amazing and I believe everyone should be seeing her! No matter what issues I have in the future, Claire will definitely be my go to!

Brooke, Fleet

Menopause, Digestive, Joint Pain & Low Energy

After many years and many complex problems, then throwing in menopause, and after seeing many NHS and private consultants, I decided to try Homeopathy. Claire came highly recommended so I approached her with my list of medical problems including severe bloating, sickness, constipation or the other, joint pain, menopause fog , tiredness, lack of motivation and the list continues – sound familiar? I also suffer with anxiety time to time.

So I went to Claire looking for a magic pill and instant relief- of course a magic pill does not exist however I have over a 80% improvement in 3 months and I will happily settle for that. I have also had a (Kinesiology) food tolerance test (bizarre compared to the conventional way of testing) but it showed me new results and confirmed others so I can happily say I am one week into my new food plan and bloating, toilet habits and fatigue have already improved .

Just to add I have always thought it can’t work and would be really expensive – it does have an effect and there are payment plans in place to make this affordable .

Cheryl, Basingstoke


Homeopathy is a key part of our family health and I continue to be extremely grateful for the positive impact it’s had on my life.

I first experienced the benefits 12 years ago when I was treated for depression. I had been taking anti-depressants for six years since my mid-teens and I fully expected to have to continue to take them for the rest of my life. However, after being treated for several months with homeopathy I felt well enough to stop taking them and I experienced a number of positive changes including an increased sense of well-being and improvement in my self-confidence. In addition to the improvement in my mental health I also had a lot more energy and saw significant weight loss, which in turn continued to increased my self esteem and encouraged me to make positive changes to my eating habits and general health.

Since that time, whilst I have never returned to the depressive state that caused me to seek treatment initially, I have continued to look to homeopathy to complement the health decisions that I make, not only for me but for my family. I believe that homeopathy in conjunction with eating and sleeping well and exercising in moderation keeps me in the best physical and mental health. There are always ups and downs in life and sometimes the down times can knock me off balance, thankfully I can generally tell when I’m ‘out of sorts’ and at these times I talk to my homeopath about how I’m feeling and take a remedy to help me regain that balance.

CG, Australia

Conjunctivitis & Chest Infections

My Fiancé was initially sceptical about the benefits of Homeopathy but during our relationship he’s seen me become ‘out of sorts’ and look to Homeopathy for treatment. Having seen the results he also uses homeopathy for general wellbeing as well as specific ailments such as a recent case of conjunctivitis and a nasty chest infection.

CG, Australia


I had not been feeling myself for a long while. My problem was not physical but more emotional. As a scientist, I was slightly sceptical when a friend recommended homeopathy however the results speak for themselves. Claire is very knowledgeable and professional. The consultation was very thorough and she explained things to me and came up with a suitable remedy. I now feel so much better; I feel like myself again. Thanks Claire.

AG, Cambridge

Nocturnal Asthma

Since taking the Homeopathic remedy the inflammation in my lungs & constriction in my airways has significantly reduced, if not gone!

Callum, Hampshire

General Wellbeing & Energy

Claire is a very skilled, experienced & empathetic Homeopath. I have been helped by her over many years. Her consultations can be a very healing experience, in the calm of her therapy room. She can analyse & diagnose one’s needs using her Homeopathic training plus her intuitive skills & she supplies appropriate remedies. The nature of the treatment means that the body & mind are rebalanced & I can go for long periods without needing to consult with Claire. However, Claire is also very generous with her time & availability & is willing to offer support while one is undergoing treatment. She is keen to monitor changes & progress & it is invaluable knowing that she is available to offer this support through periods of change & readjustment.

Claire has developed her practice over the years to include Food Intolerance Testing & Intuitive Readings. I have not experienced these treatments, but feel it shows what a dedicated & intelligent practitioner Claire is, constantly seeking to learn & develop her knowledge & her skills, plus her own self awareness.

During the hardest part of the recent lockdown, Claire supported many of us dealing with our anxieties & fears by holding Meditation sessions online. These were both powerful & calming . Claire provided these meditations weekly and free of charge & I think illustrates well Claire’s genuine care & concern for others.

I would recommend Claire without hesitation  – & indeed have done so to others.

Catherine, Fleet

Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Health

Working with Claire has made such a difference to me, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I firmly believe I was guided to find her.

Her patience, kindness, empathy and her desire to share her gifts to help others are apparent in every interaction I have with her. She is a highly experienced homeopath, yet she offers so much more than that.
Her homeopathic knowledge and her personal determination to help me get well have enabled me to heal significant health issues. She has given me excellent guidance on how to stay holistically well now, including areas such as nutrition and energy protection. In addition to all of this, her personal experience of spirit, along with her gentle encouragement of my spiritual awareness, has given me the confidence to discover and explore my own psychic abilities.

I can honestly say that Claire’s expertise has transformed my physical and emotional health as well as opening up an exciting new spiritual pathway for me. I highly recommend her for all aspects of holistic wellness and spiritual development.

CB, Guildford

Menopause & Work Related Stress

Neither my wife nor I had ever been to see a homeopath before and both of us whilst a little sceptical were both willing to give it a try. Initially we sought out support for my wife who had been struggling with her menopausal symptoms for a while, Claire’s empathetic approach quickly put us at ease and the constitutional remedy she prescribed really changed her quality of life within a few weeks.

Following my wife’s remarkable improvement, I decided to seek out help for my work-related stress. During my first consultation it quickly became apparent that I had been suffering from anxiety-based stress for most of my life and Claire was quickly able to identify what help I needed and again within a few weeks my symptoms were under control and I was leading a much fuller and happier life.

I would also recommend the Homeopathic First Aid course that Claire runs I found it extremely enlightening and incredibly useful, I am now fully converted to an alternative way of treatment.

Peter, Hampshire

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

 Thank you so much for your advice re GERD!

I was going to say you were either a witch or a magician but know you are the ultimate professional at what you do. Within 15 minutes of taking the homeopathic remedy all pain had disappeared and only have a slight twinge now and again. Superb result thank you. I can’t believe the difference it has made!

Rhon, Hampshire

Severe Back Pain

My wife insisted that I try Claire for muscle testing to clear trapped emotions in the body as I’ve been suffering for over 6 months with severe back pain between my spine and shoulder blade. I’d tried the chiropractor and it didn’t seem to be helping so although I was sceptical as this kind of treatment isn’t usually my thing, and I have a very manual job so just assumed it was muscular I agreed to give it a go.

Claire managed to track it back to ‘grief’ at the age of 21 when my Nan passed and used her treatment to clear the blockage and estimated 5 days for the pain to relieve.

I can honestly say I’m 6 days in now and the pain has completely gone from my back. I’m so grateful to Claire and so glad I gave it ago…even though I had to admit my wife was right for making me go.

Andy, Hartley Wintney

Pregnancy & Birth

I believe the homeopathic remedies I had during my pregnancy and immediately after giving birth significantly contributed to my healthy pregnancy and smooth birth experience with no depressive dips or Post Natal Depression, which was a concern to me because of my previous depression.

I would encourage anyone to consult with a certified Homeopath for their own health as well as that of their family, I remain grateful for the way that it changed my own life and as a parent I appreciate the effective treatment and relief of many childhood ailments without having to rely on frequent medication.

CG, Australia

General Wellbeing & Various Symptoms

Claire is a very skilled, experienced & empathetic Homeopath. I have been helped by her over many years. Her consultations can be a very healing experience, in the calm of her therapy room. She can analyse & diagnose one’s needs using her Homeopathic training plus her intuitive skills & she supplies appropriate remedies. The nature of the treatment means that the body & mind are rebalanced & I can go for long periods without needing to consult with Claire. However, Claire is also very generous with her time & availability & is willing to offer support while one is undergoing treatment. She is keen to monitor changes & progress & it is invaluable knowing that she is available to offer this support through periods of change & readjustment.

Claire has developed her practice over the years to include Food Intolerance Testing & Intuitive Readings. I have not experienced these treatments, but feel it shows what a dedicated & intelligent practitioner Claire is, constantly seeking to learn & develop her knowledge & her skills, plus her own self awareness.

During the hardest part of the recent lockdown, Claire supported many of us dealing with our anxieties & fears by holding Meditation sessions online. These were both powerful & calming. Claire provided these meditations weekly and free of charge & I think illustrates well Claire’s genuine care & concern for others.

I would recommend Claire without hesitation  – & indeed have done so to others.

CR, Fleet

Children’s Testimonials

Febrile Convulsions, Separation Anxiety & Behavioural Issues

R has been doing amazing, school drop offs are so good now. There is the odd complaint each morning but no full on screaming, kicking or hitting. He walks in to class now and the teachers have been very impressed with how drop offs are going. 

Another thing I’ve noticed which I forgot to mention in the appointment is that he now allows us to wash his hair, this has always been an issue before. 

He had a slight fever on Monday and Tuesday night but gave him the remedy and he settled back to sleep quickly. 

Many Thanks for your help!

JC, Farnham

Emotional imbalances

Homeopathy has been a game changer for my family! My children have changed from emotional and angry little persons to who they truly are and with the stability they need to focus in school and other areas of their lives. I love homeopathy! 

Trina, United States

Perennial Rhinitis

My 7 year old son son had a blocked nose, congested chest and cough through out the year. He used to get rashes and had bad eczema. We have been to many GPs and couple of ENTs. The doctors said he had perennial rhinitis.

My son was given antihistamines, inhalers, steroid creams, antibiotics and montelukast. He was tired all the time. Out of desperation, I booked a Homeopathy appointment with Claire. We learned that my son had milk protein allergy, so we also went dairy free. It was tough in the beginning as he was very congested, but well worth it.

Since his Homeopathy treatment 6 weeks ago, this is the first time in 7 years, he hasn’t needed any medication.

Sri, Farnborough

Hay Fever & Asthma

I took my son to see Claire for a few reasons but the main one was his hay fever.  He was having antihistamine morning and night but my main worry was needing his inhaler up to 3 times a day! Since being on his remedy his symptoms have improved so much he hasn’t needed any of his inhaler and has cut down to once a day with his antihistamine. Thank you Claire. Xx

Jemma, Basingstoke

Emotional imbalances & Acute Illness

Sophie, Hampshire

I have been using homeopathy for the last 20 years to help my own emotional and physical well being and have always had great results. I now use this same approach with my children. I love that homeopathy is a gentle and natural way of helping my children with their general emotional state but also when they are poorly without the need for mainstream medicine.

Skin Condition & Food Intolerances

For many years my son suffered with a foot condition & every year the doctors told us it was athletes foot or eczema. Eventually a podiatrist & dermatologist confirmed it was a condition called Hyperhydroais, but said the only sure was an electrical current through his feet! They referred me to Claire as a natural option.

Claire identified a wheat & lactose intolerance in my son and prescribed a Homeopathic medicine. Since his treatment one year ago, his feet are the best they have ever looked. For the first time since he was born, even during the hot weather in the summer, he hasn’t had the rash or cracked feet. It really is doing wonders for him. Thank you!

KW, Hartley Wintney

Teenage Anxiety

My son became really anxious halfway through Y6, he didn’t go into the classroom at all and also avoided outings with friends unless I went with him. Where therapy failed, Claire’s kinesiology and homeopathy really made a difference!

The kinesiology really helped to pinpoint what he needed. After a short period identifying what the right potency and frequency was for him, I started seeing a totally different child. We are now 6 months further and his confidence has come in leaps and bounds. He’s happy to go to school every day and has even managed to stand up and give a small presentation to his classmates!

MB, Basingstoke

Lactose Intolerance & Tantrums

My 2 year old son is my world, my little creation that amazes me on a daily basis with how he absorbs new skills like a sponge. He has a smile and a cuddle that can make my most rubbish days seem perfect. However… he has also inherited his stubbornness from both parents and when things aren’t going his own way, boy do we know about it! On a recent visit with Claire, who has been helping me with my headaches, she very kindly spent time with my little man and observed some of this behaviour. She quickly identified him as lactose intolerant which makes so much sense and also sent us home with his remedy to try to balance him. He’s had his remedies (“mmm, sweetie”) on a weekly basis for the last few weeks and he has changed so much, he seems so much more content. He smiles even more than he did, he cuddles even more than he did and we have had few melt downs despite a whopping cold. He honestly is an absolute delight to be around. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Claire as I wasn’t there for an appointment for him yet she took the time to help us.

GG, Odiham

Emotional & Physical Tiredness & Child’s Behavioural & Sleep Issues

Struggling to cope with running my own business, which started to fly at the same time as having my son, I was emotionally drained and physically shattered. I needed to regain focus and prioritise what was most important in my life and with Claire I achieved this.

At my first appointment Claire invited me into her calm and tranquil clinic. I was at ease due to her relaxed and inviting persona. It was much like a counselling session at first and I felt I could speak about anything, I was near to tears discussing my problems and Claire comforted me with her kind words and listened intently, reassuring me that we could work through all my issues and I would shortly see a clearer picture.

After seeing Claire for the first time, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. I took the remedy she prescribed and although initially feeling worse, which Claire did highlight could happen, after a week I gradually saw a positive change and noticed certain health problems clearing and generally feeling much better about myself.

It was on my second visit that I took my son and Claire noticed from his behaviour, he would benefit from a remedy. He was a very intense baby/todler, racing round at 100 miles an hour, switching from activity to activity, climbing, jumping and generally getting in to mischief. Like what most children are like but 20 times more intense. He would also struggle with sleeping and from this one visit Claire could understand how and why I was so tired and drained.

I gave my son Claire’s remedy and again saw positive results, my son was a calmer, happier and more focused child. His sleeping patterns became better and better and so had an extremely positive effect on my entire family.

I would thoroughly recommend Claire for any ailment whether physical or emotional. A lovely lady, welcoming and amazing at what she does. If you are looking for alternate remedies then Claire is the place to go. Not only have I gained a great professional relationship but also a caring friend.

LA, Fleet

Child’s Recurrent Respiratory Infections

Originally from the UK I now live in Germany, married with three children aged 7, 5 and 3. From the age of 12 weeks our youngest daughter suffered from severe recurrent bronchial infections, every 6-8 weeks during the first two years of life. Having consulted paediatricians in Germany with no long term success we were at our wit’s end. At one stage we even received a referral to test for cystic fibrosis. I was also trained to perform physiotherapy on our daughter when she was sick. Confused and simply tired of hearing “she will grow out of it” we were introduced to Claire through my sister.

During a trip to the UK we had the opportunity to meet with Claire. As a mother of two young children Claire has a strong natural affinity to children. Homeopathy is widely practiced in Germany, we use homeopathy and I am a firm believer of it’s benefits. The success of Claire’s remedy has been absolutely fantastic. Since her treatment one and a half years ago our daughter has never suffered with any bronchial related infection. Indeed we can only remember on a couple of occasions where she suffered from minor colds and a stomach bug which is completely normal. More importantly only since Claire’s treatment has our daughter’s personality really had chance to develop. She is now a well balanced fun loving healthy child with an extremely strong resistance to infection and illness. What more can a parent ask for?

Claire’s passion, knowledge and commitment to her work is unique. I can only advise anyone reading this to embrace the opportunity of discovering homeopathy, the benefits are simply brilliant! Thank you once again Claire from all of us for helping my daughter and the whole family.

JG, Germany

Teenage Depression & Low Self Esteem

My 17 year old daughter was suffering terribly with depression and just couldn’t seem to get motivated. She had very low self-esteem and zero confidence. After seeing Claire for some help the change was incredible.

Since her Homeopathic treatment, she has grown in confidence and knows that should she be having a stressful time, Homeopathy is at hand.

JM, Basingstoke

Teenage Depression

Let’s just say a few months ago I was in a really bad place. Life was really hard work and I didn’t see the point in it anymore. No matter what I did it was wrong. I couldn’t get things right with my family or my school. I am in my last year at secondary school so it is hectic with exams and the pressure was unbearable. I didn’t know what to do so I turned to self harm.

I only started scratching at first but then as weeks went by and my low mood, depression and anxiety dragged me deeper into a black hole they weren’t just scratches. I was in and out of hospital for cuts and trying to take my own life several times.

Then I started talking to Claire. She gave me my first remedy. Not going to lie, I was unsure if it would work for me as medication and counselling wasn’t helping me make positive progress. I sat in her clinic immediately feeling relaxed in a home environment. Then all of a sudden I found myself talking like there was no tomorrow. It felt like the weight of the world was being lifted of my shoulders. The remedy took a week or so before I realised the difference. I felt lighter somehow. Like floating in water.

As the months went on and I continued my treatment with Claire, life was turning around. I was back out meeting friends. My panic attacks which were horrendous before were beginning to decrease and my self harm stopped. Finally giving my body the time it needed to repair. My sleep improved tremendously and I no longer felt like a zombie.

I’m not going to say it is easy. It can be a long journey for some but it feels like magic. Claire was always there to help me through anything I found difficult to cope with. Whatever I felt she was always there to support me.

I have now finished school and my GCSEs and life is good. Sure there are some ups and downs but that’s just life. They are all there to make your soul stronger. I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t found the help and support I needed. I never dreamt in a million years I would finish my GCSEs and be on my summer holiday smiling, surfing and finding myself.

It is inspirational the work she has done and the support she has given me and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you Claire.

LB, Devon

Difficult Teething & Gastro Bugs

Our Son has also benefited, especially with treatment for teething. During one particularly difficult teething episode we were concerned about how often we felt the need to give him painkillers but he was clearly in a great deal of pain in his mouth as well as a sore bottom from the acidic saliva. We administered a teething remedy and noticed the effects immediately, as well as stopping the pain the remedy also cleared the red raw bottom within a couple of hours. We always keep the teething remedy on hand and find it continues to be extremely effective.

In addition to the teething pain he caught a particularly nasty Gastro bug which caused major vomiting and diarrhoea episodes. Once the bug had passed we noticed that he was no longer able to tolerate dairy products. They gave him stomach pain and diarrhoea. We treated this with a homeopathic remedy and within days his digestion rebalanced and we had a happy little boy and no more diarrhoea nappies. Recently we’ve been able to clear up a lot of phlegm on his chest with homeopathic treatment too.

CG, Australia

Child’s Sleep Issues

I had been experiencing difficulty with my 3 year old son and his problems at night-time. Homeopathy wasn’t something we had considered before and had been down all the conventional routes with little or no success. In fact, most of these were quite dismissive with ‘he’ll grow out of it’ quotes being bandied around.

We booked a consultation with Claire and right from the outset her interest was in my son and when a question was being directed at me, she asked his permission to ‘talk to mummy’. Claire’s skills in getting to the route of the issue were obvious to me but not to him, and he was made to feel very comfortable and able to talk about what was also upsetting and tiring to him and not just us weary parents.

Claire looked at my son as a person who needed help and not just at his symptoms. He was given a small tablet, which he thought was a sugar treat and overnight (I’m not kidding) we experienced a vast improvement in his sleep patterns and issues. We had a couple of further consultations to keep checking we were on the right path and moved him on to a liquid remedy. Two years on we have only had to have one more visit to Claire for him, along with one change to his remedy which has worked with him as he was growing up.

I have also used Claire for myself and her interest and patience with me was second to none. Claire and her skills are now, following seeing and experiencing the proof with our own eyes, our first port of call for any symptoms we might have as a family before we would consider visiting any traditional practitioners.

CN, Odiham


Having been told that my child was suffering with Molluscum and that there was very little they could do about it, and that it could take up to two years for them to go, we went home to wait and see. After about 4 months they seemed to be getting worse and he was getting distressed about going swimming and PE at school. A friend advised me to try Homeopathy as it had worked for her child. So I thought well let’s give it a go. I’d never tried anything like this for me or my children. But following one visit to Claire where she talked to my child to understand more about him, she gave him a little tablet and said we should start to see things improve in about four weeks.

Well within two weeks we could already see a difference. Where each spot had been taking up to three months to go, they seemed to be on fast forward and within two months we were down to the last six spots, from about 40. We counted down the last six which only took about another 3 weeks to go. I have been very impressed with the results we got and would happily recommend this to anyone who’s child is suffering from Molluscum. My child now happily swims and does PE.

Thanks again for what you did for Thomas Claire, he and I are very happy with the result.

LR, Farnborough

Recurrent Digestive Infections & Constant Vomiting

My daughter is lactose intolerant and is prone to picking up sickness bugs which can be so severe would have her admitted to hospital as her body was unable to stop her being sick. Medical staff at the hospital on numerous occasions could not explain why and would place her on a drip with IV drugs to stop the sickness which would cause her a lot of distress and as they could not carry out this procedure for maybe three to four days because of her being continually sick, she would be very weak which as a parent is heart-breaking especially over a period of two years! However, with immediate effect of your care my daughter would stop being sick within 12-48 hours which if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would never have believed would have been possible! Even times when she has caught a nasty virus and has been so weak and so ill being continually sick, hospital I knew would be less than a few hours away, yet you have been able to stop the sickness AND also aide her recovery so she is back eating the following day!

SM, Odiham

Migraines, Constipation & Stress

Also for my son who has social and emotional difficulties added with childhood migraines and severe constipation, you have aided his health so he hardly ever has a migraine now instead of 1-2 a month! Also helping him through periods of time when we know he is going to have problems with added stress to his social skills difficulties.

As a parent with two children with such complex health issues combined with my son’s social difficulties you have been able to give them treatments for the immediate symptoms, along with preventative treatments so whatever myself and my children have to face on a daily basis or situations out of the norm I can always guarantee that your continued medical care will always be correct as and when I require it.

SM, Odiham

Child’s mucus-related Breathing Difficulties

My daughter is 18 months old and had problems with over producing mucous which was causing her difficulty with her breathing as she was struggling to clear her throat. She was also very agitated and always on the go!

I had been to the doctors on several occasions to try and resolve this problem she has had since she was about 6 months old. They gave her antibiotics, inhalers and tested her for allergies with much persuading. Still they gave us no answers and didn’t seem to want to listen or believe that anything was even wrong with her.

We decided to give Homeopathy a go after advice from friends. We had a consultation, and as Claire knows our daughter she knew we were not just imagining it and she was really pleased to be helping her! She gave us a remedy for our daughter, although I trust in Claire and know how passionate she is about Homeopathy I was amazed at how quickly the remedy worked! Within 2 days the terrible noise from the mucous in her throat had completely gone. She also seems much more contented.

We are very pleased with her progress and would take her back to Claire at any time. Claire is a great believer in her work and is always there for us with more advice and is always interested to know how she is getting on. I have since recommended her to friends.

FP, Aldershot

Child’s Molluscum & Behavioural Issues

I have used homeopathy before so was confident in using it again to help my daughters skin condition, molluscum. Not only did Claire look at and treat my daughters skin problems but she also discussed and gave treatment for her behaviour. We were going through a particularly trying time with tantrums, hitting, throwing things and head banging the floor! After a few treatments i could not believe the difference!! My daughters molluscum has now disappeared and her behaviour has completely changed, we now have a very happy and calm little girl.

KT, Fleet

Child’s Molluscum, Behavioural Issues, Separation Anxiety, Constipation

I first started seeing Claire with my daughter when she had just turned 2. At that time she was a really bad sleeper, frequently waking in the night wanting me to be with her and taking ages to get back off to sleep. She was also quite an intense little girl who was always on the go, asking questions a lot and generally being demanding! Claire seemed to really understand where I was coming from and was able to help me unpick her behaviour and the difficulties we were having. She gave her a remedy and very quickly we saw a change in her and finally we were on the road to a better nights sleep with a more contented and relaxed 2 year old.

We have continued to see Claire over the last year as new symptoms have occurred. In fact our whole family has benefitted from homeopathy. Claire has also helped our youngest daughter who was having difficulties with separation, sleep and pooing! As well as the kids she has been able to help us as parents stay balanced and healthy during some tough and sleep deprived times!!

I cannot recommend Claire (and homeopathy) enough. Claire has an excellent manner and is extremely skilled and professional.

SO, Hartley Wintney

Child’s Sleep Issues

I first took my 3 year old son to see Claire as he was an appalling sleeper. Not only that, but an incredibly active live wire. We like to think we’re fairly sensible parents with a good routine, but no matter what we did, he would wake multiple times a night. Sometimes he would be awake for hours at a time, sometimes waking every half hour/hour. Needless to say, it was miserable for all concerned.

Initially, I tried a different homeopath, who I wasn’t entirely happy with; no reflection on her, I just didn’t feel she quite understood. But, I persevered and found Claire. We rang her and explained (after a horrendous bout of sleep deprivation) how desperate we were. I immediately felt reassured and like a healing process had begun. For us, her manner was spot on.

The remedies Claire has prescribed for Ned have been like magic. Yes, he’s still my very lively son, and he’ll never crash out in the midst of a party, but he is infinitely better at sleeping. I genuinely don’t know what we’d have done without her. If a remedy hasn’t been quite right, she makes it her mission to find a better one.

Overall my son has calmed down a lot, and I’ve even had friends and family comment on the fact they’ve seen him sitting down (amazing!)

Claire combines great knowledge and professionalism with a fantastic empathy and understanding. I will continue to use her as our homeopath. Thank you from all of us.

KI, Dorking

Child’s Behavioural Issues

I have a four year old boy who has struggled with behavioural issues since he was three. These episodes have intensified since he started school in September, however as he’s one of the youngest in his year group, I concluded he was simply taking a while to adjust to the transition and he would settle eventually. Unfortunately, he’s continued to struggle, longer than most of his peer group. He finds various aspects of school life challenging and his anxiety related to these issues has resulted in aggressive behaviour which is the reason why I sought Claire’s help. Claire’s calm & professional manner instantly put us both at ease. After taking a detailed case history from myself and spending time observing, interacting with and analysing the symptoms of my son, she prescribed a remedy which resulted in a more settled and less anxious child. She’s continued to be on hand for advice since our initial consultation and I’d happily recommend her to anyone considering homeopathic treatment for their children. Many thanks for all your help.

CW, Winchester

Baby Reflux

At about 3 months old my baby became very unsettled during breast feeding.  She would come off the breast and arch her back and cry and then go back to feeding with this cycle repeating throughout the feed.  The local health visitor felt she was experiencing silent reflux.  I took her to see Claire who was able to take a detailed history of her feeding and general wellbeing and character.  From this meeting she prescribed a homeopathic remedy which made a huge difference to her feeding and the reflux symptoms.  I would have no hesitation in recommending both homeopathy as an alternative treatment and Claire herself.

SO, Hartley Wintney.

Hi Claire, thank you so much for your assistance with H’s reflux. As you know he was in a great deal of pain from birth with reflux and vomiting, we tried conventional medicines as well as the standard advice of keeping him upright after eating, raising the mattress on his cot etc. but nothing worked to ease the pain he was obviously experiencing, especially after feeds. With the remedy you prescribed he improved dramatically after a couple of days, he continued to improve and now he has no pain after eating and he rarely vomits. Thank you again for your help.

Claire was incredibly helpful to me when I was in a haze of newborn panic and confusion. I didn’t know much about homeopathy before our consultation and was so pleased when the unique remedy she prescribed helped with my baby’s reflux. She continued to give us ongoing support which I really appreciated, and now know where to turn the next time something crops up in the family! 

Daisy, Surrey