The Emotion Code

This powerful system of healing can identify and clear trapped emotions from your life & those inherited from your generational family line which are negatively affecting your mental, emotional & physical health, your relationships & your happiness.

Using a combination of both my Kinesiology training and a technique known as ‘The Emotion Code’ I am able to identify and clear trapped emotions from your body which are negatively affecting you – this allows your body to heal faster and more efficiently.

Throughout our lifetime we experience many emotions and some of these – especially those which have affected us deeply – can become trapped within our energetic & physical body and affect our behaviour, perceptions, and our health.

Trapped emotions can manifest as physical pain or chronic health conditions, as well as mental or emotional symptoms.

For example, we may identify that emotions from childhood are still trapped within your Liver circuit, or your Heart, etc. We will methodically check & clear your whole body of any emotions which are negatively affecting your health and wellbeing.

In addition to our own life experiences, our health can also affected by generational trauma too. It has been fascinating to work with many individuals who have had difficult experiences, including wars – during the process of clearing trapped emotions we are often able to ask the body which age the patient was when each emotion became trapped – to have the patient validate our findings has been extraordinary and amazing experience for us both to appreciate this amazing therapy and how it can help release these past emotions.

The Emotion Code is an incredible gentle therapy which was discovered and written about by Dr Bradley Nelson. It is suitable for both adults & children.

What to expect

The Emotion Code is included within my Full Health MOT & Follow-up Appointments – available either via Zoom, or visiting Claire in Hampshire.

For some patients we can clear all trapped emotions in a single session. However, if you have many trapped emotions (from your life or inherited) you may need additional follow-up appointments to completely clear it all – your body will show us what’s needed.

For those of you who have experienced deep traumatic events in your life, it is not necessary to revisit or discuss those events before clearing them. However, for those of you interested (or even sceptical) to understand when and what these emotions involved, we will be able to identify the age each emotion became trapped within you, and confirm who or what this experience is related to. This can help you validate those events in your life, if you wish to.

We may also have the opportunity to clear your generational family trauma if this is relevant to your health & wellbeing – this can be really interesting, especially for those who have some history of their family trauma and can validate what we find.

Zoom Appointments

I will muscle test on my own body (as proxy for you) to identify which trapped emotions are affecting you & I will then clear them one at a time. As each trapped emotion is identified I will explain this to you and share as much information as you wish to discuss.

We will clear as many trapped emotions as your body will allow during each session – your body will show us when to stop – not all trapped emotions can necessarily be cleared in a single session as your body needs time to adjust & heal in response to the emotions identified & cleared.

At the end of your session, I will offer you a list of the trapped emotions we identified & cleared, together with the age you were at the time.

Appointments & Prices

The Emotion Code is included within both my Adult & Children’s Full Health MOT & Follow-up Appointments for existing patients.

My Full Health MOT is the most powerful, efficient way I can help you heal. This includes full Homeopathy consultation, Kinesiology full body testing and balancing including – Gut Health, Food Intolerance Testing, Nutrition testing, Hormone Balance & Emotion Code.

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Back pain traced back to a trapped emotion of ‘grief’ Age 21

My wife insisted that I try Claire for muscle testing to clear trapped 
emotions in the body as I’ve been suffering for over 6 months with severe back pain between my spine and shoulder blade.

I’d tried the chiropractor and it didn’t seem to be helping so although I was sceptical as this kind of treatment isn’t usually my thing, and I have a very manual job so just assumed it was muscular I agreed to give it a go.

Claire managed to track it back to ‘grief’ at the age of 21 when my Nan 
passed and used her treatment to clear the blockage and estimated 5 days for the pain to relieve. I can honestly say I’m 6 days in now and the pain has completely gone from my back. I’m so grateful to Claire and so glad I gave it ago even though I had to admit my wife was right for making me go.


Depression, anxiety & inability to overcome issues

Before having this session I had over many years struggled with depression, anxiety and inability to overcome issues.  I had tried CBT and medication but still felt that there was a blockage in my body and mind which stopped me taking the steps to move forward and change my outlook on life.  

I saw someone talking about an emotion code clearance they had had and it really struck a chord with me.  I then found out about Claire and had a session with her a couple of weeks later.  For me, the therapy was interesting to watch and whilst Claire was clearing different areas, she mentioned different events in my grandparents and parents that coincided with things I knew about.  Then she very accurately pinpointed several events in my own life, down to the year they happened, which she couldn’t have any prior knowledge of.   Since the session, I have felt so much better and am able to view things in a different way and I have also now had a homeopathic review completed which is helping me even more.


War refugee, divorce & re-homing dog

Claire’s trapped emotion code & kinesiology sessions are incredibly powerful. I was so impressed and excited by the whole process that I bought one for everyone in my family as birthday presents! 

I can’t quite describe it but: wow. Things have definitely shifted in all of our lives since our sessions – highly recommend it! 

My husband’s session threw up several particularly hard years from his current life (he had been a war refugee, through a divorce and a traumatic time having to rehome his dog due to quarantine laws) and it was easy / fascinating to match how these years came up as the time certain emotions got trapped in him. Mind-blowing.

Mine was also super interesting and brought up a lot of ancestral trauma which had been affecting me. It’s a really painless and easy and fun experience too, lovely Claire does all the work. She is incredibly gifted, efficient, experienced and smart. Am so glad I found her! 


Lighter, happier & able to get on with life again

Am so grateful to you Claire – since you cleared those stuck emotions, I definitely feel lighter, happier and much more able to get on with my life now. Awesome work – thank you so much!


It’s helped me recognise & sit with my trapped emotions

Thank you Claire. I really enjoyed it being that bit different and a healing technique I’ve never tried before. It’s also helped me recognise and sit with my trapped emotions since mentioned and cleared. 
Keep up the good work in what you do.