The Emotion Code Energy Healing

This powerful muscle testing technique can identify & clear trapped emotions from your current life, past lives & inherited from your family line, which are negatively affecting your mental, emotional & physical health, your relationships & your happiness.

Within the last 13 years my natural Intuitive gifts have increased and I have spent many years learning and developing my connection with Spirit. The information which I receive for clients during these sessions amazes me every time & I feel truly humbled to be in a position to offer this service.

Throughout our lifetime we experience many emotions and some of these which have affected us deeply can become trapped within our energetic body and affect our behaviour, perceptions, and our health.

Our emotions can become trapped from our current life experiences, but also we can inherit trapped emotions from our family and in many cases these have been passed down through several generations. We can also be affected by trapped emotions that happened in our past lives. You do not need to ‘believe’ in past lives for me to help you with this. I just ask that you are open minded and allow me to clear these trapped emotions to help you. The process is the same regardless of when the emotion originated.

Trapped emotions can manifest as physical pain or chronic health conditions, as well as mental or emotional symptoms.

Trapped emotions can also influence our experiences in this lifetime. Energy attracts like energy, so if you have negative emotions trapped within your energy field, these can influence or attract more negative experiences. It is liberating to clear your energy field of any negative trapped emotions to help you fulfil your highest potential.

Using a combination of both my Kinesiology training, my Intuitive gifts, and a technique known as ‘The Emotion Code’ I am able to identify and clear trapped emotions from your body which are negatively affecting you.

The Emotion Code is an incredible gentle therapy which was discovered and written about by Dr Bradley Nelson. It is suitable for both adults & children.

What to expect

Appointments are available both via Zoom & by visiting me at my home clinic in Hampshire (between Basingstoke & Fleet).

For some patients we can clear all trapped emotions in a single session. However, others who have many trapped emotions may need additional appointments to completely clear it all – your body will show us what’s needed.

For those of you who have experienced deep traumatic events in your life, it is not necessary to revisit or discuss those events before clearing them. However, for those of you sceptical or curious to understand when and what these emotions involved, we will be able to identify the age each emotion became trapped within you, and confirm who or what this experience is related to. This can help you validate those events in your life, if you wish to.

We also have the opportunity to clear your past lives & generational family trauma, and some patients who are interested in past lives and wish to help loved ones who have passed, enjoy this experience.

Visiting Appointments

Upon arrival, I will ask you to lay on the therapy bed and I will hold your arm and apply gentle pressure towards me which enables your body to ‘talk’ to me. This is a type of Kinesiology muscle testing. Using this gentle method (& my Intuitive abilities), I will be able to confirm which emotions have become trapped in your body and are directly affecting certain symptoms, together with clearing each one as it is identified. This method is suitable for Adults & Children.

Zoom Appointments

For Zoom appointments, I will muscle test on my own body as proxy for you (& my Intuitive abilities) to identify which trapped emotions are affecting you & I will then clear them one at a time. As each trapped emotion is identified I will explain this to you and share as much information as you wish to discuss.

Appointments & Prices

Full Emotion Code appointments are £80 – also available with 25% discount using my Discount Plans.

Emotion Code is also included in my Full Health MOT – however, we have limited time to clear only priority emotions during this session.

If you wish to benefit from the discount plan, please book this first. Then you will receive a Coupon Code which you can use to ‘pay’ for your Emotion Code session via the booking link below.

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Back pain traced back to a trapped emotion of ‘grief’ Age 21

My wife insisted that I try Claire for muscle testing to clear trapped 
emotions in the body as I’ve been suffering for over 6 months with severe back pain between my spine and shoulder blade.

I’d tried the chiropractor and it didn’t seem to be helping so although I was sceptical as this kind of treatment isn’t usually my thing, and I have a very manual job so just assumed it was muscular I agreed to give it a go.

Claire managed to track it back to ‘grief’ at the age of 21 when my Nan 
passed and used her treatment to clear the blockage and estimated 5 days for the pain to relieve. I can honestly say I’m 6 days in now and the pain has completely gone from my back. I’m so grateful to Claire and so glad I gave it ago even though I had to admit my wife was right for making me go.


It’s helped me recognise & sit with my trapped emotions

Thank you Claire. I really enjoyed it being that bit different and a healing technique I’ve never tried before. It’s also helped me recognise and sit with my trapped emotions since mentioned and cleared. 
Keep up the good work in what you do.