Kinesiology & Food Intolerances

An amazing system of gentle muscle testing to identify & correct imbalances within your body which are causing symptoms & pain. Your symptoms may be linked to a nutritional deficiency, a food intolerance, emotions, structural tension or an energy blockage along the meridians of the body.

Kinesiology was first discovered in the 1960’s by Chiropractor Dr George Goodheart. He found that we can use various muscles & techniques to identify areas of imbalance in the body & specifically what is needed to correct the imbalance.

Using gentle muscle testing, we can ‘talk’ to your body to identify which system of the body is out of balance – there are often several, but we can identify which is the priority – like the ‘king pin’ which is having a domino effect weakening other systems of the body too – all causing you symptoms & pain.

Once we have identified which system has the imbalance, we can then use techniques to ‘ask’ the body specifically what that system needs to restore balance again – it may a structural fix (massaging the muscles to release the tension), lack of hydration, food intolerances, nutritional deficiencies, emotional upset requiring Bach Flower Remedies, rubbing of Neurolymphatic points to stimulate lymphatic flow around the body, and using Acupressure points to stimulate energy flow within the meridians of the body.

The majority of muscles we use are in the arms & legs & I will ask you to hold these in a particular position whilst I apply gentle pressure to identify what your body is telling us & what it needs to help you.

It really is amazing to experience this therapy and you leave with so much more knowledge & understanding of what caused your symptoms, and how you can help your body maintain balance naturally & effectively!

Example 1 – Hormonal Imbalance:

As we muscle test you, we may identify that you have an imbalance in your Triple Warmer circuit. This is linked to the Endocrine system and shows an imbalance in your hormones which may be causing you painful menstrual periods, difficult menopause symptoms, difficulty losing weight, extreme tiredness, PMS/moods etc. We can also ‘ask’ your body what is needed to correct this imbalance – it may be a nutritional requirement needed to restore harmony – eg. magnesium or B vitamins. Your body may show that nutrition is fine & actually this system has become weakened from an emotional upset – and we can identify which Bach Flower Remedy your body needs to restore balance. There are also Homeopathic Organ Support remedies that can be helpful to strengthen any weak areas, eg. your thyroid, your adrenals, etc.

Example 2 – Digestive Symptoms:

As we muscle test you, we may identify an imbalance in your large intestine circuit, and upon investigation using muscle testing, we may identify that a food intolerance you were unaware of has been weakening this circuit & causing digestive disturbances, perhaps constipation, IBS, Heartburn, pain & more. We can also ‘ask ‘the body what is needed to correct this imbalance – this will involve removing the food which is negatively affecting you (for now) and introducing nutrition to restore gut balance. We often find at a later date once your digestive system is working properly again that you can tolerate that food again, but you are now empowered to understand which foods can weaken your body, and which strengthen you.

Can you test for food sensitivities and intolerances?

Yes, I am qualified by TASK (The Association of Systematic Kinesiology) to practice Systematic Kinesiology which includes the ability to identify foods which your body is sensitive/intolerant to.

Within every Kinesiology appointment, I will use gentle muscle testing to identify if any food intolerances are affecting your health & what your digestive system needs to heal.

I also encourage you to bring to your appointment your existing supplements that you may be taking, as we can also identify if these are needed by, or even helping your body. Sometimes that can be detrimental to your health too, so it’s good to understand what your body genuinely needs!

As more and more people are finding certain foods may be linked to their symptoms (e.g. gluten, dairy, refined sugar), there is a growing demand for advice and support about dietary changes and nutritional requirements to help specific health conditions, food sensitivities and intolerances.

I am passionate about healthy eating and how different nutrients within our food can affect our health, both positively and negatively.

How do you test for food sensitivities? 

You will be asked to lay down on a therapy couch, and hold your arm in a certain position whilst I apply gentle pressure.  This technique provides me with feedback direct from your body which helps me to identify which foods are affecting your health.

I may also make corrections using Kinesiology techniques including rubbing of lymphatic stimulus points, holding neuro-vascular points and acupressure points and working with meridian energy flow.

Testing on Children:  Children as young as Age 5 can often hold their arm in the position required for me to test them directly, in the same way as I do for adults.  For younger children and babies, the parents can perform the muscle test for them instead, so they only need to hold their parents hand during the test.

Can you test for parasites? 

Yes I can. Using gentle Kinesiology techniques your body can confirm whether a parasite, virus or ‘bad’ bacteria is negatively affecting your health.

Using the same method of testing, we can then identify what your body needs to clear this & restore gut health. The process of clearing this from your body will depend on the condition of your liver and other organs, so we may need to strengthen organs first before your body is able to eliminate effectively.

Can my diet affect my symptoms?

Yes.  We’ve all heard how a balanced diet is so important for us – but it really is crucial to ensure all bodily functions are performing at their best, thereby ensuring our body stays healthy and symptom-free.

Scientists have shown that the effect of food on genetic expression and cell function is a major cause of chronic disease today. The food we eat can either cause positive responses in our body – such as ‘reservatrol‘ (the phytonutrient in red grapes) that can help with symptoms of ageing, or negative responses such as ‘refined sugar’ which binds to the cell and triggers the release of irritating chemicals that cause swelling and automimmune conditions.

There are many types of food which perform a different job within our body. ‘Soluble fibre’ is known to help our body to eliminate toxins, excess hormones, and cholesterol and help beneficial bacteria in the gut to grow, strengthening our immune system and reducing our risk of infection.

Fruits and vegetables rich in ‘antioxidants’ can neutralise free radicals and keep our liver strong so it can effectively remove toxins.


Adult & Children start with my Full Health MOT. This is a 2-hour session for adults & 1.5 hours for children.

My Full Health MOT is the most powerful, efficient way I can help you. This includes full Homeopathy consultation, Kinesiology full body testing and balancing including – Gut Health, Food Intolerance Testing, Nutrition Testing, Hormone Balance & The Emotion Code to identify and clear any historical emotions trapped in your body which are affecting your health & wellbeing.

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