Full Health MOT

My popular Health MOT is a unique & thorough appointment designed to improve your health, energy & wellbeing. Includes Homeopathy, Kinesiology, Food Intolerance & Nutrition Testing, Bach Flower Remedies & Emotion Code Energy Healing.

Originally created as a New Year Offer, this unique consultation became so popular, with such great results & feedback that I made it a permanent option.

Originally spread across the Adult Homeopathy + Adult Follow-up appointments, the Full Health MOT brings it all together in a single appointment at a reduced price.

It became clear that this combination was the fastest & most thorough way I could help ensure you get the results you are looking for as swiftly as possible, using all my skills & experience.

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How quickly will I see results?

Healing is a gradual process, but within that first week, I expect to see your energy, motivation & wellbeing increase. As the weeks go by, you should continue cumulatively healing until your symptoms have cleared, and your health is balanced again. For chronic illness, this can take longer of course, but the method is still the same. For the majority of patients with a history of illness, your healing will require more support than a single session. I offer shorter 1 hour follow-up sessions to support your healing as needed.

Step 1 – Homeopathy

We start the appointment with a Homeopathy consultation to identify which natural homeopathic medicine is capable of restoring your energy, motivation, wellbeing and health. This is a powerful but gentle natural medicine which is safe & effective for everyone. Homeopathy is my No.1 favourite therapy to help you – it’s a game changer for your whole life & I will teach you how to use it to help your health & wellbeing long-term.

For more information, see my Homeopathy page.

Step 2 – Kinesiology, Nutrition & Food Intolerance Testing

Kinesiology is a hands-on therapy, so a full Kinesiology balance is only available if you are physically visiting me, however, we can still test for food intolerances & nutrition via Zoom.

We continue the appointment with a full Kinesiology balance – this is a hands-on therapy using gentle muscle testing, we can identify which systems of the body are out of balance & exactly what they need to restore that balance. This includes identifying the roots of any pain you may be suffering with which can often be linked to a weak system (eg knee pain can be linked to the digestive system, shoulder pain can be linked to the adrenals due to stress).

We can also identify if there is a nutritional requirement or if food intolerances are affecting you. We can also test any existing nutritional supplements you are taking to check they are helping you.

We will also work on clearing blocks to energy flow along your meridians, rubbing points on your body to stimulate lymph flow to clear congestion, holding points around your head mostly to stimulate circulatory flow & holding acupressure points on your feet & hands to balance energy flowing around the affected system.

For more information, see my Kinesiology page.

Step 3 – Bach Flower Remedies to support your emotions

We will also identify if your symptoms are linked to an emotional stress that would benefit from specific Bach Flower Remedies to support you & your health. I use Kinesiology muscle testing to identify exactly which flower remedies you need & this will also give you a clear understanding of which emotions are at the root of your health issues.

You will be amazed how powerful these natural flower remedies are – they can be life changing for our emotions, helping you cope so much better & shifting your perspective into balance again.

Step 4 – Emotion Code – Clearing trapped emotions from your past

In whatever time is still available at the end of your appointment, I will also use The Emotion Code – a method of muscle testing to identify if there are any emotions which have become ‘trapped’ in your energy field from past experiences/trauma. E.g. we may find you have a trapped emotion of ‘low self esteem’ from when you were 8 years old & this is still having an effect on your life & health today. Clearing these trapped emotions is liberating, but for those with deeper trauma, please know that you do not need to talk or even know what I find & am clearing. This can be a relaxing treatment without any conversation at all. For others, you may be fascinated with what we identify and wish to ask more questions – either is fine.

We will not have time to clear everything, but we will clear the ‘priority’ emotions which are holding you back & affecting your health. If you would like to continue clearing remaining trapped emotions, you can always book a separate Emotion Code session at a later date.

For more information, see my Emotion Code page to learn more about this amazing energy healing therapy.

Where do I buy my Homeopathic Medicines, Nutrition & Bach Flower Remedies?

Homeopathic Remedies:

If you are based in the UK, your Homeopathic medicine is included in the price of your Health MOT & I will give this to you during your consultation, or I will post to UK residents who chose the Zoom option.

For those outside the UK, I will advise you on which Homeopathic medicine & potency to buy from a local Homeopathic pharmacy – I have many patients around the world & this is usually very straightforward to buy your remedy locally – they are not expensive.

Nutritional Supplements:

Once we have identified which nutritional supplements you need, I will write you a list of what your body needs to thrive & where you can buy these directly. You may already have your own preferred nutritional brand, which is fine as long as they definitely work – I know from Kinesiology testing that the brands I recommend will actually work for you – not all nutrition brands are effective!

Bach Flower Remedies:

Once we have identified which Bach Flower Remedies you need, I will make recommendations of where to buy these directly. They are not expensive (approximately £6 – 7 each).

What will I have learned by the end of this Health MOT session?

By the end of this session, you will have a clear understanding of which Homeopathic medicine is capable of restoring your health & wellbeing and how to take this (with email support from me as needed, within the first few weeks).

We will have corrected any imbalance in the systems of your body using Kinesiology.

You will have a clear understanding of which nutritional supplements your body needs to thrive & where to buy these (we can also test any nutritional supplements you are already taking, to ensure they are helping you!).

If food intolerances were affecting you, you will understand why and which foods are to be avoided for now & which nutrition is required to restore gut balance, so that hopefully you may tolerate this food in moderation in due course once your gut has healed.

You will know which Bach Flower Remedies are needed to help you feel stronger dealing with your current life situation.

You will also know (if you want to) which past experiences had caused emotions which were still affecting you in your present day life, but have now been cleared to help you move forwards in life.


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