1:1 Wellbeing Business Guidance

Whether you are an experienced practitioner, or a new therapist just starting out, these 1:1 Wellbeing Business Guidance sessions with Claire will help identify the steps you can take to attract more of the right clients for you, maximise your time, and multiply your income to help your wellbeing business thrive.

These sessions combine my 16 years experience running a successful wellbeing business, working with hundreds of clients, together with my intuitive abilities to offer 1:1 guidance to fast-track your business onto a pathway for success.

“When we offer our wellbeing services from the heart, with love, compassion and integrity, we connect with a divine energy that radiates through our physical being to spread light & healing to others around us.  We are known as ‘Light-workers’ and our ‘work’ brings joy, fulfilment and purpose to our own lives, whilst helping others & raising the collective energetic vibration of the physical world we reside in.”
Claire French.

Who are these sessions for?

All holistic & wellbeing therapists or teachers, eg:
* Homeopaths * Kinesiologists * Yoga Teachers * Nutritionists & Nutritional Therapists * Energy Healers (Reiki & more) * Crystal Healers * Acupuncturists * Aromatherapists * Hypnotherapists * Reflexologists * Massage Therapists * Indian Head Masseurs * EFT Tapping * Meditation Teachers * Counsellors * Life Coaches * Physios * Chiropractors & Osteopaths * Fitness Trainers *

Do you have a wellbeing qualification or skill you use, or would love to use to help others? Do you wonder how to make your wellbeing business more successful, or perhaps need some guidance before starting your business? Do you find it difficult to attract enough clients, or earn enough profit to support yourself from your wellbeing services?

I passionately believe that you were guided to your chosen wellbeing therapy or service because you were born to help others heal – you are a ‘Light-worker’ and your healing ‘work’ is very much needed in this world.

I meet many wellbeing therapists who love their chosen therapy and care deeply about their clients, but offering our services professionally, with integrity & genuine compassion for our clients, whilst also ensuring we are making enough profit is a tricky balance. Over my 16 years in practice I have learned through trial & error the highs & lows of making a wellbeing business successful. Combining this with my natural Intuitive abilities, I am able to offer you unique guidance to help your business thrive.

How can these sessions help?

My natural Intuitive gifts have strengthened over many years, and are now an invaluable tool I use to support and guide my life, including my work with my own patients. I am frequently asked to help offer guidance to others on their life choices, but my passion is to help use my gift to facilitate the success of your business, as this ultimately helps you heal more people, enjoy your work even more, and spread more light into this world.

You do not need to have any knowledge or awareness of the spiritual side of life for me to help you – but an open mind will help us work as a team to identify what your business needs to thrive.

Whether you are an experienced practitioner or a new therapist just starting out, my intuitive gifts give me an extra tool to help guide you more efficiently in the right direction for you & your business.

This may include how to attract more clients, how to charge for your services, how to book clients, what prices are right for you & your clients, how to run your business more efficiently to save time and cost, guidance with difficult situations or clients, help with boundaries and protecting your energy – any questions you may have about your business and what is highest & best to help your business thrive.

How does it work?

My intuitive gifts enable me to connect with your energy (from anywhere in the world) to receive guidance for you & your business.

I work with healers & therapists from all different wellbeing services, and I usually receive many ideas and suggestions for their business. As happens in my everyday life, I will also be able to ask questions and receive answers to guide you, which can make all the difference to the success of your business & the efficiency of your progress.

By the end of your appointment, you should have a much clearer understanding of the actions you can take to implement these fresh ideas with new excitement and motivation helping your business become the success it’s meant to be, healing even more people who need your help.

You have the option to book a single appointment, or a 25% discounted bundle of 4 appointments (with a 0% pay monthly option & no fees). This helps you access guidance throughout the year as you need it.


These 60 minute 1:1 sessions are available via Zoom. You will receive a confirmation email with a Zoom link upon booking,

Appointments are available to buy individually, or at 25% discount when you buy a bundle of 4 with no fees & 0% interest for monthly instalments.

Option 1: £80 for individual sessions.

Option 2: 25% discount: £40 per month (for 6 months) for 4 sessions & valid for 12 months from purchase. SIGN-UP HERE.

Option 3: 25% discount: £240 for 4 sessions & valid for 12 months from purchase. SIGN-UP HERE.

For Options 2 & 3, please sign up using the links above to receive your 25% Discount Coupon Code before booking your appointment below. Coupons are emailed to you immediately.

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