Empower & Align Meditation Group

Restore your inner peace, wisdom, clarity & wellbeing with these special Meditations which include Energy Healing & spiritual wisdom.

Join the Group & have immediate access to my Library of healing meditations channelled live from my Spirit Guides each month for members of this group. You will also receive access details for the monthly Live Meditations on Zoom.



The Empower & Align Meditation Membership Group meets once a month (via Zoom) for a LIVE guided meditation with energy healing channelled using Claire’s intuitive gifts for all members of the group.

If you would like to calm anxiety, receive wisdom, inspiration and clarity, or are interested in using meditation to help restore your health and de-stress, this is a unique opportunity to join something quite special.

Each meditation is recorded & saved into the growing Meditation Library within the ‘members only’ area of this website. Upon joining this group, you will have immediate access to these meditations which you can go back to time and again to help you in your daily lives. You will also receive the Zoom link details to join the monthly Live Meditation.

You will receive energy healing during all of our guided meditations.

Want to try a Meditation before you join?

If you would like to try one of my Meditations before joining the group, CLICK HERE to receive a powerful guided meditation (with energy healing) for busy women!

How Meditation Can Help…

Meditation is scientifically proven to help your health in many ways including reduce stress & anxiety, improve sleep quality, improve blood pressure, lead to a more positive outlook, improve focus & clarity of thought, increase ability to cope with pain & even reduce the sensation of pain.

These meditations within the Empower & Align group include energy healing channelled from my Spirit Guides for members of this group to also help you with the following:

– Reduce anxiety, restore calm, tranquility, wisdom and clarity.

– Reconnect you with the unique power that lies within you and a source of higher wisdom and guidance.

– Transcend the stress and anxiety of modern life, enabling you to stay focused on your life path and your goals, and traverse this journey with strength, grace and positive results.

– Re-align your own energy centres (Chakras) to maintain balanced health and wellbeing.

– Connect you with other like-minded souls which will raise the energy vibrations of each member of the group, and collectively we contribute to raising the vibrations of the whole planet.

How do I access the meditations?

After joining the membership, you will receive an email with:

* Password access to the members-only area of my website with access to the Meditation Library.

* Zoom link for the monthly live meditation group.

What if I miss the Live Meditation?

It would be great to see you on as many live calls as possible as our collective energy raises the vibrations of the group and the live experience is great to be a part of.

However, please don’t worry if you can’t make the live calls – all meditations will be recorded and saved within the private members area of my website for you to access at any time whilst you are a member of this group.

All energy healing within these meditations will always be effective as energy transcends all time and space, regardless of whether you listen live or at a later date.

How much does it cost?

£11 per month, per member.


You can cancel easily anytime using ‘CANCEL’ button in the Meditation emails, or email me.

Dates of Live Meditations (via Zoom):

8pm UK = 3pm Eastern, 12pm Pacific, 2pm Central.

8pm – Monday 10th January 2022
8pm – Monday 7th February 2022
8pm – Monday 14th March 2022
8pm – Monday 4th April 2022

8pm – Monday 9th May 2022
8pm – Monday 13th June 2022
8pm – Monday 11th July 2022
8pm – Monday 8th August 2022

8pm – Monday 12th September 2022
8pm – Monday 10th October 2022
8pm – Monday 14th November 2022
8pm – Monday 12th December 2022